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Where to Vote

23 Mar 2023

Saturday 25 March is the NSW general election day – don’t forget to vote. Check the NSW Electoral.....

Election Policies

23 Mar 2023

I’ve responded to numerous requests for policy positions from a broad range of organisations cove.....

Fairer Rents

23 Mar 2023

I recently went on a Listnr podcast to talk about the cost-of-living crisis in Sydney where I spo.....


23 Mar 2023

New South Wales government should purchase the Metro-Minerva. The return on investment would be h.....


23 Mar 2023

When safe direct cycling options are provided, lots of people use bikes because they are a health.....

Thank You Sydney

23 Mar 2023

Thank you for your support over the last term of Parliament, together we have achieved major soci.....

WorldPride Wrap Up

20 Mar 2023

Thank you, Sydney, for making WorldPride such a success! The city was buzzing with people and the.....

Caretaker Period

20 Mar 2023

From Friday 3 March the government has entered the official caretaker period before the election .....

Postal and Early Voting

20 Mar 2023

Postal vote applications are due 20 March. If you will be away on election day Saturday 25 March,.....

Conversion/Suppression Practices

20 Mar 2023

Listen to my interview about my proposed Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill to ban harmful cha.....

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