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Seniors Festival

17 Jan 2022

The annual Seniors Festival is from 25 March to 3 April and includes the comedy show at Town Hall.....

Paddington Bowls

17 Jan 2022

After over a decade of dodgy deals behind closed doors that saw the Paddington Bowling Club trade.....

Nuclear Anniversary

17 Jan 2022

Saturday 22 January is the anniversary of the 1970 UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapon.....

Parliament for Kids

17 Jan 2022

The NSW Parliament offers online activities for kids during the school holidays > HERE...

Sound Management

17 Jan 2022

The Night Time Industries Association has a new campaign to encourage residents and local venues .....

Healthy Homes

17 Jan 2022

More people are renting in Australia, and renting for longer, but rented homes are often too hot .....

Reckless Lending

17 Jan 2022

Did you know that unregulated buy now pay later schemes are lending up to $30,000 to people witho.....

Food Security

17 Jan 2022

The current wave of the pandemic has again exposed the problems NSW faces with food security...

Gay Hate Crimes

17 Jan 2022

I welcome resolution of the 1988 murder of Scott Johnson...

COVID Changes

17 Jan 2022

COVID transmission is escalating, and rules and restrictions are continually changing...

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