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Central Station Precinct

27 Jan 2021

There is still time to comment on the proposed Central Station ‘western block’ planning controls,.....

Year Ahead

19 Jan 2021

This year marks an opportunity to rebuild our local economy and focus on the future. My early pri.....

Office Open

19 Jan 2021

Staff returned to my office last week and have caught up with constituent requests from the annua.....

COVID Still Here

19 Jan 2021

Ongoing community transmission of the coronavirus and the risk of entry from overseas means we ne.....

Walama Court

19 Jan 2021

In response to my questions in Parliament, the Attorney General says that the government has not .....

Australia/Invasion Day

19 Jan 2021

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and many Sydneysiders the 26 January date .....

Sugar Fest

19 Jan 2021

Join me at this year’s Sugar Fest at Pirrama Park on Tuesday 26 January, which will remember our .....

Everybody’s Home

19 Jan 2021

I’ve supported the national campaign to increase the amount of low cost housing so that everyone .....

Woman of the Year

19 Jan 2021

MPs can nominate a Woman of the Year to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made.....

2020 Report

15 Jan 2021

watch HERE...

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