Following the City of Sydney’s statewide LGBTIQA+ Safety Summit which called for urgent collaborative action to ensure the safety and dignity of LGBTIQA+ communities, Lord Mayor Clover Moore and I have asked to meet with the police minister and commissioner to discuss how police, state government and councils can work together to keep people of diverse sexualities and genders safe. 

The Special Commission of Inquiry into LGBTIQA+ Hate Crimes underscores the importance of targeted training for law enforcement and the need to combat misinformation and prejudice. Initiatives like Qtopia Sydney offer vital education to challenge stereotypes and celebrate queer heritage. We need to we support community-led initiatives, provide resources for legal and emotional support, and invest in pre-bunking strategies to combat discrimination. 

Law reform is vital and we call on the Premier to ensure Parliament passes the Equality Bill, which will remove remaining discrimination in State law. My bill will ensure access to gender affirming state documentation, a model for consent in medical procedures on people with intersex variations, removal of targeted discrimination, including in schools, and a ban on conversion practices. 

The Lord Mayor’s council minute > HERE 

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Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!