Community Recognition Statement

I acknowledge the annual The Big Issue Street Football Festival, which saw Sydney City Local Area Command police engaging with community members and other government agencies through the playing of soccer matches. Sydney City Local Area Commander, Mark Walton, and Crime Manager, John Maricic, made the festival possible by organising, as well as competing in, the round robin competition. This initiative is an example of positive policing to build relationships with people in the community who are disadvantaged or at risk, especially people who are homeless. Crime Manager John Maricic continues to work towards building and consolidating strong relationships with the community, especially with the large numbers of Chinese, greater Asian and homeless people in the Sydney city area. Police from the Sydney City Local Area Command regularly play soccer against the Sydney Community Street soccer team, as well as the Chinese Community soccer team which is comprised of homeless people from different backgrounds. I commend the Sydney City Local Area Command for its proactive engagement with the community.