2018 Report Card

2018 Report Card

Together we worked for a liveable, sustainable and progressive Sydney, keeping the environment, equality, affordable housing, homelessness, strata reform, education, animal welfare, planning, heritage, transport and the night time economy on the agenda.


I worked on legislation for voluntary euthanasia, transparency in SCG development, an independent Sydney Opera House, redress for defects, a short term letting registration system and a review of new offences related to sexually transmitted infections. While most amendments by non-government members don’t pass in the government dominated Legislative Assembly, three of mine did.

I spoke 193 times and asked 546 questions. I lodged petitions everyday on a range of issues including: to save the National Art School, the Sirius, the Powerhouse and Woollahra council; for owners’ corporation rights to control short term letting, inner city ferries and an upgrade to Edgecliff Station; and to ban plastic bags and pets in pet shops.

The last four years saw many retrograde changes that put our future at risk including mass deforestation, scaling back marine protections, public housing selloffs, massive overdevelopment, service cuts and mass privatisation. Notwithstanding, we won some important battles and ran fantastic grassroots community campaigns.

We got funding restored to community legal centres, inner city women’s refuges and disability advocacy services. Inner city and inner east council amalgamation plans were dropped and the government withdrew plans to build a stadium on Kippax Lake. A container deposit scheme is finally in place.

With your support and determination we finally won our long campaign for marriage equality, with NSW laws updated to be more inclusive of trans and gender diverse relationships. There is still more work to do for LGBTI equality, and our movement proved the momentum is unstoppable.

Parliament is now closed until after the State Election on 23 March. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the community for our city and those in need.



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