Alex's Update Issue 39

Alex's Update Issue 39

New School Sites? - Free Range Labelling - Family Day Care - Community Grants - Wear it Purple This Friday

In response to my question in Parliament, the Planning and Infrastructure Minister committed to examine opportunities for public open space, child care, primary and high schools sites and safe cycling paths in the Central to Eveleigh corridor renewal project. While he referred to possible budget constraints, he said he will work with me, the Education Department and the City to get the best outcome.

You can read my question and the Minister's answer HERE 

In Parliament I supported the Truth in Labelling (Free-range Eggs) Bill which would require eggs sold as free range be produced in areas with no more than 1,500 birds per hectare. Without legislation some producers label eggs produced in crammed conditions “free range” and there is a push for free-range to include 10,000 hens per hectare. The Government refuses to outlaw cruel factory farming because it supports “consumer choice” yet it opposes this bill even though it would help consumers exercise their choice. You can read my speech on the Bill HERE. The bill has not been voted on and I encourage you to ask for the Premier’s support [email protected]

Next Tuesday morning I’m speaking at the Potts Point Partnership’s breakfast for small businesses and organisations. Information on attending the Breakfast is HERE

My forum last week heard Family Day Care as a viable option for childcare for inner city parents, including becoming an educator and providing this care in your home. Waverley Council is expanding its program, with an information session on 17 September. For information phone 9386 7785 or HERE

Several funding programs are open now:

  • NRMA local road safety projects grants until 30 September: HERE
  • Community Relations Commission inclusion grants until 27 September: HERE
  • City of Sydney matching grants: HERE

Funding database at the NSW Government Community builders website: HERE

Have a great week,

Alex Greenwich MPIndependent Member for Sydney

PS. Wear it Purple Day on Friday 30 August shows support for sexuality and gender diverse) young people. Information: HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!