Allianz Redevelopment

Allianz Redevelopment

Monday 5 February 2018

Community opposition to the almost $1 billion knock-down and rebuild of Allianz Stadium is mounting. The plans come while our public transport, school, health and community sporting services are stretched. We’ve seen no business case and Infrastructure NSW says there will be no economic benefit.

The rebuild would move the stadium’s wall closer to Moore Park and turn our precious parklands as the stadium’s crowd spill area, encroaching on public green open space. This is linked with the SCG Trust’s push to permanently close Driver Avenue. The development excludes any transparency, accountability or public involvement with SCG Trust land exempt from planning laws.

While there is an online petition signed by over 160,000 people, the government is intent on pushing ahead at the behest of the powerful SCG Trust. This matter should be discussed in Parliament and will be if we can get over 10,000 signatures on my latest petition. I encourage you to download and sign it and distribute in among your friends, family and colleagues. My petition: HERE 

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