Australia/Invasion/Survival Day

Australia/Invasion/Survival Day

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and many Sydneysiders, the 26 January date is not something to celebrate because it marks the start of invasion, dispossession, killings, stolen wages, stolen children and ongoing inequality and discrimination.
I support the day and date being changed to focus on reconciliation and active citizenship.
Many people feel a great sense of patriotism and want to celebrate our national day. Being patriotic is also about being honest, and I will use the day to reflect on the historic injustices faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and urge new citizens to work with me and fellow Sydneysiders towards reconciliation and treaty.

This is a perfect time for listening, learning and reflecting on Australia’s Indigenous history and the world’s oldest living culture. Attend the Yabun Festival in Victoria Park > HERE, protest with the Invasion Day/Survival Day/Day of Mourning rally in Belmore Park > HERE or join Australia Day Council events > HERE.  

You’ll find useful material about Indigenous history and heritage at SBS: > HERE, IndigenousX > HERE, ANTAR > HERE, Reconciliation Australia > HERE, Closing the Gap HERE and Colonial Frontier Massacres > HERE.

Use the Seed booklet to learn how you can be a better First Nations ally advocating for climate justice > HERE.

Congratulations to Indigenous groups funded through the NSW Aboriginal Cultural grants program. Coota Girls > HERE has been funded to run their Sorry Day Stolen Generations Community Gathering to commemorate National Sorry Day and continue work on truth-telling and healing. The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team > HERE has been funded to hold their Ellas 7 event supporting to showcase First Nations Rugby talents and encourage Indigenous participation in the sport.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!