Barangaroo Central

Barangaroo Central

New proposals for Central Barangaroo are now on exhibition following our fantastic campaign against Modification 9 which overdeveloped the land, blocking sightlines between the harbour and Observatory Hill and the Millers Point Conservation Area.

The revised plan is a big improvement with removal of the outrageously obtrusive tower, additional public space for pedestrians, reinstated site lines and aesthetic building fa├žades. There is still work to do with views, traffic impacts, a reduced Hickson Park and excessive height along Millers Point.

Central Barangaroo is our last opportunity to ensure Barangaroo is a world-class attraction that celebrates our iconic harbour and its heritage surrounds, and sympathetically integrates South Barangaroo with the Headland Park. I took the planning minister for a tour of Central Barangaroo last year and asked him to ensure the revised plan was exhibited for public consultation.

I encourage you to review plans and provide comment.

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Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!