Barangaroo Central Submission

Barangaroo Central Submission

The planning department did not approve the ‘Modification 9’ proposals for Central Barangaroo exhibited in 2022 because of significant public impacts. While revised plans provide improvements, most importantly by removing a huge residential tower, the proposal is still too big and bulky.

Hickson Park would be shrunk and overshadowed even though its boundaries and solar access were set as compensation for building the Crown tower over the planned waterfront park. The Millers Point Heritage Conservation Area would have historic links to the water severed and homes would lose outlooks and views. I’m worried that building heights fail to protect sky views from the observatory. The latest proposal would convert what was planned as the cultural centre of Barangaroo into a residential area with large luxury homes and no social and affordable housing.  

Planning decisions for Barangaroo should be underpinned by the principle that Sydney Harbour is a public asset that must be protected for public outcomes. My submission called for more work to reduce heights and for a final determination to be made by the Independent Planning Commission.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!