Budget Recap

30 June 2015

The Baird Government’s first budget after the election includes much needed relief to the rail network with $84 million to plan Sydney’s metro which will create a new inner city high-speed line with a stop at Barangaroo and fast CBD links to Bankstown and Rouse Hill. Social housing funding was increased and I hope new homes will be built in the inner city, where there is need.
$10 Million is allocated for beginning to move the Powerhouse Museum and sell the site for high rise development. I’m still collecting signatures on petitions to oppose the relocation, the petition is HERE.
A further 1,000 prison places will be created costing $314.6 million, funding that should have been invested in early intervention, rehabilitation and restoration programs. Parkland funding remains inadequate and there is no indication on whether Moore Park is earmarked for a planned new sporting stadium. I condemn tax cuts to the racing industry which come amid exposés highlighting ongoing, widespread and extreme animal cruelty.
While I welcomed the government’s Small Business Employment Incentive Scheme which provides small businesses $2,000 for new positions, I told Parliament it is an archaic approach to jobs growth that won’t secure long term employment opportunities. Jobs are rapidly being replaced with automation while the digital economy is growing. The government must engage with tech startup communities to provide needed support such as tech education in schools so that entrepreneurs have locally skilled talent to employ. More information on my concerns is HERE.