Call for alcohol laws to be released prior to vote

Call for alcohol laws to be released prior to vote

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has called on the State Government to release proposed alcohol fuelled violence related legislation prior to the vote and debate this Thursday:

 Mr Greenwich said:
“Most MPs, including government ones, will be given little or no time to review the legislation or consult with constituents and affected communities.”
“While I welcome the government giving priority to this matter, now is not the time for secrecy. Proper process and expert advice can only strengthen laws and prevent unintended problems.”
“We need to get this right. Rushing a bill through parliament after months of no response will reduce community confidence in the government’s ability to tackle alcohol fuelled violence.”
Mr Greenwich said much of the legislation will have a direct impact on residents, businesses and visitors in his electorate and they deserve a say:
“Limiting the discussion to a few people around the Cabinet table and not the affected community risks alienating those who are directly affected.”
Mr Greenwich said the government could introduce the legislation this week, open it up to consultation, and the recall parliament again for a vote.

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.

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