Central Barangaroo

Central Barangaroo

Central Barangaroo is the last precinct of the Barangaroo renewal yet to be developed.

Last year public outcry from the City of Sydney, the National Trust, the Powerhouse, astronomy experts, the local community and I got a modification to the approved concept plan shelved because it overdeveloped the land, blocked heritage and astronomical sightlines and encroached on public space and foreshore land.

We are now awaiting revised plans and given the importance of this part of Barangaroo in integrating South Barangaroo with the Headland Park, and its sensitive location within high heritage value precincts, the observatory and our iconic harbour, it is vital that the community is consulted before a determination is made. With local residents, I got the minister to visit the site and see how the proposal will impact heritage and amenity.

I have asked the planning minister to ensure changes to ‘Modification 9’ are publicly exhibited. My letter > HERE.

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