Central Rezoning

Central Rezoning

Transport for NSW has released plans for massive redevelopment over railway lines at Central. Around 15 new buildings would occupy up to 24 hectares of land over the country rail lines, with heights ranging from four to 24 storeys.

The focus will be on commercial development with CBD equivalent zoning however there will be some limited residential development that would include 15 percent affordable housing plus an additional 15 percent for other types of housing like student housing. A new public square and open space are proposed and importantly access planes to protect sunlight in Prince Alfred Park will be preserved. Surry Hills residents will benefit from new pedestrian/bike access routes across the rail lines.

The plans represent a big change, bringing the CBD to the southern part of the city and the City of Sydney is closely assessing them to ensure they produce the best public outcomes for the land.

I encourage you to look at the plans and provide feedback before Monday 19 September: HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!