Child Sexual Assault

Child Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and violence are serious crimes, but I have heard disturbing reports from victims and their advocates of instances where police failed to investigate reports that included compelling evidence. While most police take reports seriously, officers have discretion to investigate and may not exercise this authority appropriately.

In Parliament, I co-hosted an information session with Greens MLC Sue Higginson that brought lawyer Karen Iles, and advocates in Indigenous and LGBTIQA+ justice to cross party colleagues about introducing a minimum duty of care for police towards victims reporting serious crimes. Karen represents sexual assault victims and has shared her personal experiences to demonstrate the problem. Her story is available at the link; for those with personal experiences of rape or sexual abuse, please read with care as some details may be triggering > HERE

Sign the petition calling for a duty of care with minimum standards to investigate child sex crimes in NSW and a national framework > HERE.

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