Coal and Gas Mining Risks

Coal and Gas Mining Risks

The Liverpool Plains provide some of the most productive agricultural land in Australia. The highly fertile black volcanic soil receives reliable rainfall and produces crops throughout the year. The region is fundamental to the country’s food security, yet it is under threat from intense mining activities.

Some 850 coal seam gas wells have been approved in the adjacent Pilliga Forest and two massive high-pressured lateral gas pipelines are proposed through the Liverpool Plans to transport the gas with industrial compressor stations and real threats of leaks and cracks. A similar project in the Queensland Darling Downs stopped the soil from draining rendering it unproductive. Exploration licences for coal seam gas within the Liverpool Plains have also been approved and seismic testing is now occurring.

Gas is a dirty fossil fuel that jurisdictions across the globe are phasing out to reduce climate change impacts. In Parliament I called on the government not to sacrifice our future food security to an archaic power source that is being phased out.

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