Conversion Practices Banned

Conversion Practices Banned

New South Wales has sent a clear message that LGBTQA+ people are not broken and don’t need to be fixed by passing laws that ban attempts to change or hide who they are. I supported the government bill, which adopted many similar provisions to the bill I introduced in August including criminal offences and a civil response scheme.

Some LGBTQA+ people continue to be told that they are broken, need to be healed and can be fixed through practices like spiritual support, counselling, pastoral care, and exorcisms. These practices are harmful, don’t work and can cause depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide. 

Both major parties supported the legislation following their commitments in response to my pre-election announcement to introduce legislation. There will be a 12-month implementation process before the laws commence to educate the community and I asked the government to make sure survivors are part of that process. 

Everyone should feel affirmed and welcome regardless of who they are or who they love. I hope the new laws will protect LGBTQA+ people from harm. 

My speech on the bill > HERE

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