Cost of Living

Cost of Living

(Public Interest Debate, 10 May 2022, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I speak in support of the motion moved by the member for Albury:

That this House acknowledges the investment made by the Liberal and National Government in our communities to support a brighter future for families in New South Wales.

That brighter future must continue to include LGBTIQA+ families across New South Wales. Recently, along with the Minister for Health, I launched the Government's $12 million investment in LGBTIQA+ health outcomes through the health strategy. Recently I was also able to meet with the Premier and a group of advocates from particularly the trans community. We know, because of the narrative from some Federal candidates and politicians, including the Prime Minister, that transgender people face significant stigma, discrimination and exclusion in the community, which leads to poor mental health outcomes. The rate of suicide and self-harm among people who are transgender is alarmingly high, and the recently released health strategy recognises the need to improve their health and wellbeing. I appreciate that the Government has invested in that.

I also greatly appreciate the time the Premier took to meet with me and advocates of the trans community. It was the first time a Premier had met with advocates of the trans community since Bob Carr in 1995. Those who attended the meeting with me were Ricki Coughlan, who is a running coach and a Pride in Sport ambassador; Alex Blackwell, the former women's cricket captain and a Pride in Sport ambassador; Eloise Brook, from The Gender Centre; Jain Moralee from Twenty10; Teddy Cook from ACON; Jackie Turner from Equality Australia; and Josh Morris who is a parent of a beautiful trans daughter.

The Prime Minister would also benefit from such a meeting. I call on him to show the same leadership and strength of character as the Premier and meet with trans advocates to understand the struggles that they face. I welcome that the Government, through the Minister for Health, recently committed increased funding support for the Gender Centre to fund a family and youth worker and a parents' support worker to support families that are doing it particularly tough. Obviously, more funding is needed to support families of LGBTQI+ people, especially those with trans and gender diverse members. I look forward to working with the Government towards that goal.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!