COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 Restrictions

There has been a worrying increase in virus transmission in NSW. NSW Health is listing all venues where COVID-19 clusters have arisen and where people who have tested positive have attended while infectious – the latter includes Star City Casino 4 July, plus The Village Inn 11 July and Love Supreme 14 July, both in Paddington. The advice on what to do depends on which venue you visited and it may change over time so I encourage everyone to monitor NSW Health website for the list of venues and associated advice HERE.

As transmission grows the need to keep up good hygiene, practice social distancing and avoid high risk activities and places becomes even more important. NSW Health is now recommending against unnecessary travel and mixing with crowds, or encourages people to wear face masks in situations where you cannot distance. If you want to make your own mask, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has instructions: HERE

People diagnosed with COVID-19 associated with the Crossroads Hotel cluster unknowingly used poker machines in gaming rooms while infectious, including in Pyrmont at the Star Casino. I am concerned that there is no way to ensure good hygiene, distancing or ventilation in gaming rooms, and addictive behaviours interfere with punters’ ability to think about or following public health guidelines. I’ve asked the Premier to restrict all gaming activities until patron health and safety can be guaranteed: HERE.  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!