Dying with Dignity NSW - Dr Beverly Symons

Dying with Dignity NSW - Dr Beverly Symons

(Community Recognition Statement, Thursday 6 May May, Legislative Assembly NSW Parliament)  

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate, I commend Dr Beverley Symons of Dying with Dignity NSW for her hard work and dedication to improving end-of-life choices for people who are terminally ill across the state. 

Dr Symons coordinates the Central Coast Group which has campaigned for voluntary assisted dying laws for over 25 years. The group was established by the late John Doyle in 1996; other commendable coordinators include: Dr Romaine Rutnam, Pippa Preston, Doris Hart and Lyn Casey. The Central Coast Group's volunteers have worked with the wider community to advocate for people who are dying and their families, undertaking educational and social activities with members of parliament, candidates and political parties. For a number of years now, members of the four electorates on the Central Coast have publicly expressed support for law reform. On the group's 25th anniversary, I congratulate Dr Symons and past and present members for its significant achievement.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!