Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Transitioning the energy network to 100 percent clean power requires a combination of changes to generation, transmission and storage, along with electrification and energy efficiency. Electrification is needed to ensure all power is clean and renewable and energy efficiency is needed to cut overall demand in the system. Energy efficiency also reduces household bills. But electrification and energy efficiency are being left to individuals to implement, slowing the needed transition and leaving lower income households behind

While new energy efficiency requirements have been adopted for housing construction, cooking and heating gas connections are still permitted, prolonging greenhouse gas emissions and creating future challenges for homeowners to disconnect. We also need programs to help existing homes disconnect from gas and become more efficient, especially rental homes and those owned by low income earners. I am particularly concerned that low income households will face rising costs from gas as those with the means leave the network and it becomes more expensive to maintain.

Everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable energy and in parliament I called on the new government to ensure equitable access to energy efficiency and electrification and healthy, affordable homes for all > HERE

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