Equality Bill

Equality Bill

Last week I introduced my historic Equality Bill to eliminate LGBTIQA+ discrimination in New South Wales law. Reform is urgently needed because chronic discrimination is causing high rates of distress, poor physical and mental health, and making young people feel unsafe at school.

The bill covers a lot of overdue territory, amending 22 Acts and creating a new one. Reforms include bans on LGBTQ conversion practices, access to state documentation for trans and gender diverse people, access to gender affirming care, more inclusive anti-discrimination protections, completing the decriminalisation of sex work, and protecting privacy and dignity in body searches of trans and intersex people. Provisions were developed in collaboration with a broad range of LGBTIQA+ advocacy and frontline organisations.

LGBTIQA+ people exist, and our laws should recognise and protect them, and ensure they can thrive. New South Wales has fallen behind in LGBTIQA+ reform and the bill provides an unprecedented opportunity to become inclusive, welcoming, safe, affirming, and respectful. I will now work with the government and members across the political divide on the way forward to get these vital reforms passed. Debate is not expected until later in the year.

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