Equality Bill Closer

Equality Bill Closer

Last week I gave Parliament official notice that I will introduce an omnibus bill to advance equality for LGBTIQA+ people. The bill includes an act to prohibit conversion practices, an act to protect the rights of persons with innate variations in sex characteristics from unnecessary medical interventions and reforms to ensure all transgender people can update their state documentation.

New South Wales has strong LGBTIQA+ communities, is home to Mardi Gras, and hosted the international Sydney WorldPride event, yet we are behind other states and territories when it comes to LGBTIQA+ rights. We have the most restrictive laws in the country for transgender people trying to get accurate identity documents, surgeries on intersex infants proceed without a framework for consent, and harmful LGBTQ conversion practices are permitted. I will work with the government and all MPs on the best way forward to see this parliament make New South Wales lead rather than lag behind the rest of the nation.

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