Fair Council Elections

Fair Council Elections

In 2014, the former government gave corporations, big businesses, and property owners at least two votes over the one vote that residents have in City of Sydney elections. It was a clear attempt to seize control of Town Hall by increasing the conservative vote based on an ideology that wealth should have greater influence. The law disenfranchises inner city residents and does not exist in any other local government area in the state.

I led opposition to the laws when they were introduced and was supported by Labor in opposition. Last week, in response to my question in Parliament, the new Minister for Local Government promised to start consultation on restoring fairness in City of Sydney elections. One option would be to adopt my 2014 bill which made it easier for non-residents to get on the electoral roll and had the support of Local Government NSW and The Sydney Morning Herald at the time.

My question > HERE and the Sydney Morning Herald report > HERE

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