Fair Council Elections

Fair Council Elections

The NSW Parliament finally overturned undemocratic laws that gave big business and property owners at least two votes in City of Sydney council elections, while residents only have one.

The rules were unique to the city and represented a gerrymander attempt by the then Coalition government and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers to unseat the independent and progressive Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Flaws in the legislation made election rorts easier and the City of Sydney had to spend millions to ensure the integrity of the business roll. 

While the legislation didn’t get rid of Clover Moore – indeed it made her more popular and underestimated business support for stable governance, climate change action, design excellence and social inclusion – it remained unfair.

I wrote to the local government minister calling for repeal of the laws and welcomed the introduction of new laws that now treat non-resident voting in City of Sydney elections like other councils in the state.

My speech on the bill > HERE.

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