Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby 25 years

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby 25 years

(Community Recognition Statement, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I congratulate the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby on 25 years of fighting for equality and social justice for the gay and lesbian community.

The lobby researches, presents and advocates the case for law reform, and informs and educates the community about legal rights. Working with the community and members of Parliament across Federal and State parliaments, the lobby helped achieve major reform such as recognition of same-sex de facto relationships and equal age of consent. The lobby's research helped to make the case to remove discrimination against same-sex couples when the former member for Sydney, Clover Moore, introduced her amendment to the Adoption Act. The lobby continues to work on marriage equality, anti-discrimination, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex policing reform. Over the past year, the lobby has held anti-discrimination workshops to identify key areas where people experience discrimination, inform people of their legal rights, and provide skills and resources for action. Next week in this Parliament the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary. I encourage all members to attend, along with Governor Marie Bashir. I commend the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby for helping to advance the rights of the lesbian and gay community.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!