Greater Cities Commission

Greater Cities Commission

Increasing housing supply is an important part of reducing rents and house prices which are partly fuelled by demand outstripping supply. The last government transferred the creation of housing targets to an independent Greater Cities Commission however the new state government has returned this function back to the planning secretary because it says it will reduce duplication.

While the process for establishing targets will remain unchanged, I am concerned that changes correspond with increased rhetoric about steamrolling councils to fast-track development. Councils understand communities, and local land constraints, and can help get the most out of available land without reducing quality of life. We need to avoid ad hoc planning where for example targets in the Paddington Heritage Conservation Area correspond with targets in a former industrial region.

During debate and in meetings with the minister’s office, I stressed the need to work in partnership with councils to ensure future planning is environmentally sensitive. My speech during debate > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!