Greenwich Welcomes Rainbow Crossing, Despite Liberal Opposition

Greenwich Welcomes Rainbow Crossing, Despite Liberal Opposition

Alex Greenwich, the Independent member for Sydney, has welcomed the City of Sydney council decision to progress with the Rainbow Crossing on Oxford Street. The decision had the support of most councillors, but was opposed by Liberal Party Councillors Forster and Mandla as well as Living Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas:

Mr Greenwich said:

“Lesbians and gay men were beaten and bashed on Oxford Street in 1978, and homophobic violence was rife for years. To now have our flag on our street celebrates how far we have come and is a tribute to the battles we have won”

“The crossing will be a major tourist attraction and bring new life to Oxford Street”

Mr Greenwich expressed concern that the Liberal and Living Sydney Councillors voted against the crossing:

“Their opposing vote was mean-spirited and showed a lack of respect for Sydney LGBTI community. During election time they went after the gay vote, but once in office voted against an important installation for our community”

Mr Greenwich will lead a community campaign to keep the crossing on Oxford Street for as long as possible:

“Just as RMS backed down fencing in Oxford Street and overturned the floating heliport, I am confident they will again respond positively to the community campaign to keep the crossing”

 Mr Greenwich can be contacted on 9360 3053.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!