Harbour Park

Harbour Park

The Barangaroo Harbour Park design competition has been announced, expected to be finished December 2027 > HERE.

This park will link the huge southern towers with Barangaroo Reserve and aims to celebrate the water and First Nations history at Central Barangaroo. The design will need planning approval following a consultation process before it can be delivered.

The government has called for revised plans for built form at Central Barangaroo following massive opposition to overdevelopment that would have impacted on heritage values at Observatory Hill, Millers Point and key sightlines, as well as the harbour and foreshore. In response to last year’s parliamentary inquiry, the government has promised to “consider” a view management strategy for Central Barangaroo and I will push for this work. I will continue to work with local residents to get a better set of planning rules for Central Barangaroo.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!