Hello Sunday Morning Health Program

Hello Sunday Morning Health Program

I congratulate the Hello Sunday Morning health program, which is an online community aimed at changing Australia's binge drinking culture. Most campaigns try to reduce binge drinking by focusing on the consequences, but Hello Sunday Morning provides positive support to people who want to change their drinking habits through peer support and alternative activities. The over 9,000 users create a network of people sharing their experiences of not drinking and encouraging each other. I understand sign-ups double every six months.

(Community Recognition Statement, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Hello Sunday Morning has achieved amazing results in spreading its message to young people in New South Wales. In a very short time—between 26 January 2013 and 22 March this year—their website had nearly 83,000 visits, with the average user spending more than eight minutes on the website. I congratulate the founder, Jamie Moore, on his creative approach to tackling this difficult and important health, mental health and social issue.

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