Jewish Care

Jewish Care

(Community Recognition Statement, 14 May 2014, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I commend the work of Jewish Care, whose centre I recently visited with members of the Woollahra Municipal Council Community Safety Committee.

The Australian Jewish Welfare Society started in 1935 as a community response to anti-semitic atrocities in Europe, helping to save Jews from persecution and death. After the war, the society continued to help Jewish refugees to come to Australia, resettle and overcome the terrible war experience and ongoing anti-Semitism. Today Jewish Care is the major provider of non-residential services to this community, helping 4,000 people each year, including many in my electorate. The refugee experience of many older Jewish people means that they may be isolated and more fearful of authorities. Jewish Care focuses on frail aged people, those with a disability, families and young people in crisis and people with mental illness. I commend Jewish Care for its history of support and help, and thank those involved for their concern and commitment.

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