Late Night Economy

Late Night Economy

After years of lockouts followed by a pandemic, the inner city’s night time culture is bouncing back and in Parliament I welcomed new laws that will support the late-night economy.

There will be a clear single pathway for formal noise complaints from neighbours who will be encouraged to work through concerns together with venues. Order of occupancy will be a new consideration in responding to noise complaints with safeguards to protect people from rogue managers or changed operations.

Two great initiatives born out of the pandemic are being made permanent: council powers to approve outdoor dining without state approval and permitting takeaway liquor with takeaway food (the ‘quarantini’ – something I pushed for at the beginning of the pandemic).

The 24-Hour Economy Commissioner is being made a statutory role and during debate I asked that the commission look at ways to support the LGBTIQA+ late night culture on Oxford Street.

While the night economy has needed a boost, I stressed the need to monitor the late-night economy to ensure that it remains vibrant, diverse and safe, both to protect local amenity and for the long term sustainability of the sector.

My contribution to debate > HERE.

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