Liquor and Gaming Data Collection

Liquor and Gaming Data Collection

(Production of Documents: Order Amended, 21 June 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

 I move:

That the resolution of the House of 25 May 2023 for the order for papers relating to investigations into money laundering in clubs and pubs be amended by omitting in paragraph (1) "on Friday 23 June 2023 by 10.00 a.m." and inserting instead "on Friday 4 August 2023 by 10.00 a.m."

In consultation with the Government, the Opposition, the crossbench and the NSW Crime Commission, I am amending the call for papers relating to money laundering in clubs and pubs to provide the Crime Commission with additional time to assess the documents before they are presented to Parliament. The Crime Commission and the Department of Premier and Cabinet have reached an agreement to allow the Crime Commission to review the documents in a fulsome way. This will ensure that any information that may impact ongoing investigations is protected. It will also allow time for the consideration of potential new evidence that I have provided to the Crime Commission from informants since the last call for papers.


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