Maintaining Public Housing

Maintaining Public Housing

Safe, secure, affordable housing is a human right. Not everyone can afford the private rental market so it is important that we have a fit for purpose social housing system.

But unfortunately years of neglect have left public housing in disrepair with inadequate processes to fix homes and make them safe and sustainable.

The split of tenant relations and social housing property management into two separate portfolios has made the repairs and maintenance process confusing, difficult, slow and unresponsive. Tenants are often passed between departments and contractors and the problem can get lost in the process.

I hear stories of incomplete jobs being closed, contractors not telling tenants when they will attend, tenants using neighbours’ bathroom facilities while waiting for repairs, and tenants being told to just clean mould that is caused by a leak. 

In Parliament I called for a proactive repairs and maintenance system and proper funding for public housing. My private member’s statement > HERE

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