Marine Parks Forum

Marine Parks Forum

There is significant and growing pressure on our marine environment with the real risk of mass species extinction. To survive impacts from global warming and pollution, we need to get our fish stocks to strong levels, and the best way to do this is through a comprehensive, adequate and representative network of protected areas from which fish stocks are safe from extraction.

In Parliament I hosted the launch of a new report about the urgent need to re-establish sanctuary zones to get maximum biodiversity, enhance fishing in adjacent waters and create significant tourism opportunities. We need science to underpin our decisions about oceans with the aim to protecting them for future generations. The report > HERE.

I encourage anyone who cares about the future of our oceans to attend the NSW Sanctuary Alliance’s NSW Marine Parks Forum, which will discuss the future of marine parks. It includes USA Marine Conservation Institute Blue Parks Director Sarah Hameed on global best-practice Marine Protected Area design and Luminary Ocean Preservationist Valerie Taylor AM on her new 'string of pearls campaign' to protect critically endangered grey nurse shark habitat along the east coast of Australia. It’s at the UTS 8.30am-4.30am Monday 13 November > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!