NSW MPs To Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

NSW MPs To Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

The NSW Cross Party Marriage Equality Working Group consisting of Liberal, National, Greens, Labor & Independent Members have announced plans to introduce legislation into the NSW Legislative Council next week that seeks to allow same-sex couples to marry in NSW.


The Bill's introduction follows a process of detailed community and legal consultation, including a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry, that found:

“The State of New South Wales has the constitutional power to legislate on the subject of marriage”  

This opinion has been verified by esteemed Constitutional Lawyer Bret Walker SC who, in advise released today, stated:

“… we consider that the NSW Bill seeks to create and regulate a new status called “same-sex marriage” not the existing status of marriage, Accordingly… in our view, an act of the Form of the NSW Bill would not be inconsistent with the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth)”

The NSW Same-Sex Marriage Bill will be introduced by Labor MLC The Hon. Penny Sharpe on behalf of the cross-party group on the 31st of October, Ms Sharpe said:

“The community and parliament can be confident we have done our due diligence to ensure we have the strongest bill possible; one that will allow loving and committed same-sex couples to marry in NSW and one that will withstand any high court challenge”

Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi said:

“Building on the momentum of the marriage equality campaign and the support for reform demonstrated in recent parliamentary inquiry, it is clear that the community is in favour of passing same sex marriage. We hope that our fellow Parliamentarians are getting the message.”

National MLC The Hon. Trevor Khan said:

“The detailed advice of George Williams and Bret Walker, along with the finding of the NSW Inquiry, should give MLCs the confidence they need to support this bill”

Should the bill pass the NSW Upper House it will then progress to the Lower House next year,  Member for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith said:

“The matter is rightly a conscience vote issue for the coalition and the Premier’s support for same-sex marriage demonstrates his strong respect for the gay and lesbian community; a respect shared by many coalition members”

Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich said:

“It is important we do not rush the legislation through the lower house and instead deal with any members concerns about the legislation in a respectful and thoughtful way. This will maximise the chances of this bill passing to allow same-sex couples to marry in NSW”

Further information  is available at nswmarriageequality.com

Media Contacts:
Alex Greenwich MP, Independent, telephone Electorate Office on 9360 3053.

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