Media statement on passage of Crimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill (No. 2) 2013

(21 November 2013)

In response to the passage of the Crimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill (No. 2) 2013 Bill today, Alex Greenwich, the member for Sydney has said: 

“I share strong community concern that the NSW lower House passed a bill that could put women’s reproductive rights at risk”

“Amendments to the bill put forward today do nothing to alleviate peak health and legal groups’ concern that bill provides personhood to a foetus giving it rights that could be at odds with a pregnant woman’s”
During debate Mr Greenwich stressed that if there were no risks to safe and legal abortions, the bill would not be subject to a conscience vote, but would be introduced by the Attorney General with briefings available to members from staff of the Attorney General’s Department.

The Bill will now move to the NSW Upper House
“I hope the NSW upper House stands up for women’s rights and votes down the bill”.
Mr Greenwich’s speech in opposition to the bill is available HERE