Moore Park Battle

Moore Park Battle

The battle over Moore Park continues! The question for the government and opposition is whether they will give special treatment to vested interests lining their pockets, or protect public land.

This could be Barangaroo all over again. A combined push from the unsolicited proposal developers and major sports bodies aim to keep parking on the grassed areas of Moore Park and allow massive open slather development on the EQ site. See the Herald article > HERE.  

During debate in the Legislative Assembly, we got a legislated date to remove all event car parking from Moore Park. My amendments to require an open tender process for all public recreation land under trust passed and will exclude ‘unsolicited proposals’ including on the former showground site where a proposal for commercial development is advancing behind closed doors.

My amendment to limit the length of leases in Centennial Parklands to 50 years also passed, overturning the 2012 change that allowed 99-year leases – essentially freehold ownership – which was opposed at the time only by then Member for Sydney Clover Moore, Jamie Parker MP and independents. My speech in debate on the legislation > HERE

I will continue to work with MPs from all parties to keep these protections.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!