Moore Park Risk

Moore Park Risk

My first motion in the new Parliament opposes damage to or encroachment on Moore Park from the new football stadium and calls for investment in the park as public open recreation space.

While the new stadium will be built on SCG land, it will be bigger and more imposing on the Moore Park landscape with audio-visual screens adjacent to Kippax Lake disrupting the tranquillity. Grasslands will be overshadowed and potentially paved for pathways. There will be more events and the SCG Trust has publicly stated it wants to continue car parking on Moore Park into the future, despite aims in the Moore Park Master Plan to take cars off the parklands.

Debate has begun and both government and opposition speakers indicated that they will support the motion. This is timely as stage 2 – detailed design for the new Sydney Football Stadium is now on exhibition for public comment. I will assess the project and make a submission by 17 July: HERE

Debate will continue when Parliament resumes in August. Read my speech: HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!