One Year On - Millers Point Sell Off Labelled "Cruel Failure"

One Year On - Millers Point Sell Off Labelled "Cruel Failure"

19 March 2015

Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has labelled the sales and relocation process in Millers Point as a "Cruel Failure". It is exactly 12 months since the government announced the sales process, and there is still no information on how proceeds of sales will be spent, with many residents suffering serious health and mental health issues.

Mr Greenwich said:

"In just 12 months the government has dismantled this safe and cohesive community, relocating over 300 tenants; the fewer than 100 tenants left are supposed to be moved this year. What was a rich, living, cultural and social heritage precinct now has more than 200 homes vacant."

"As we warned, relocation caused significant anxiety and social isolation, particularly in older tenants fearing separation from long-time friends and community. Some tenants were hospitalised and some died, and many blame the stress of being forced to move."

"I appeal to the Government to at the very least allow the elderly residents of the area age in place and not be forcibly evicted" 

Mr Greenwich said the Millers Point community has shown great resilience and will fight on:

"The Millers Point community survived 16 years of eviction by neglect from the former labor government and social cleansing under the Liberal Government.  I will continue to  fight alongside  the community to protect social housing in Millers Point"

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!