Overdose Awareness

Overdose Awareness

More than 1,600 people die of drug overdose each year – more than the number of people who die on the roads. I support harm reduction measures that save lives and prevent harms from illicit drug use and have asked the federal health minister to coordinate a National Overdose Strategy, expanded funding for peer-led programs and for the take-home Naloxone program. Naloxone administered during an opioid overdose counteracts the drug and saves lives > HERE.    

We are fortunate to have excellent harm reduction programs in inner Sydney, like the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre HERE and Needle Syringe Programs > HERE.

International Overdose Awareness Day is 31 August. Learn about overdose > HERE.

The Fair Treatment campaign is working to build community support for law reform to provide alternatives to criminal punishment for people who possess small amounts of drugs for personal use and to expand treatment options. Join the campaign for evidence-based policy and programs > HERE.  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!