Oxford Street Business

Oxford Street Business

26 September 2016

I’ve again asked the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure about the government’s plans for light rail in Oxford Street, which could reduce noisy bus traffic adjacent to the kerb and improve amenity for pedestrians and businesses. My question HERE.   

Oxford Street needs changes to liquor restrictions to encourage live music and diversity of venues, as well as encouragement of new types of businesses that complement the existing businesses that have been serving our community for so long. I’d like new businesses that bring people to the area and help make Oxford Street the cool quirky LGBTI street it should be. See the media report HERE

The NSW Small Biz Bus will be at Taylor Square Darlinghurst with Clearly Business on Wednesday 5 October 9am-3pm to provide information and advice for small businesses. You can make an appointment by telephone 8222 4814 or email [email protected].

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!