Pill Testing

Pill Testing

Recent deaths of young people taking illicit drugs at festivals make it more clear than ever that repeating the “just say no” mantra is not an effective drugs policy to keep people safe. I have a long history of supporting harm minimisation measures and hope that the tragic loss of life will be a catalyst for decision makers to listen to the experts and trial pill testing at festivals. Pill testing would provide young people the opportunity to find out what is in their drugs before they decide to take them. It has saved lives overseas and the Canberra trial showed there are ways to keep people who use drugs safer.

As a member of the NSW Cross Party Harm Minimisation Roundtable I have been working with colleagues from Labor, the Liberals and the Greens to take the politics out of this debate and encourage an evidence-based approach to drugs. Last week we asked the Premier to hold a Drug Summit to look at options to keep people safe including pill testing. While she has not yet responded positively, the pressure is mounting including from families who are now mourning the loss of a loved one. Join me at the Sydney Town Hall rally 4pm Saturday: HERE

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