Police Accountability

Police Accountability

The footage of two police officers violently arresting harmless 78-year-old protestor Danny Lim was disturbing and I’m deeply concerned about a growing trend of over-policing Sydney and censoring peaceful protest. I raised this incident directly with the regional commander and was told that the investigation has been elevated to a higher level in NSW Police, with LECC oversight.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and I have asked the Minister for Police for urgent action at the system level to address the wider problem. Policing should meet community standards on what is considered heavy-handed and what is considered justified. Over-policing discourages people seeking help when it is needed and damages Sydney’s reputation as a welcoming and tolerant place to visit. Our letter > HERE.  

I’ve spoken out against over-policing and repeatedly asked questions in Parliament including in response to troubling reports that police visited known climate protesters ahead of a mining conference to tell them if they attend a protest they will be arrested. I have opposed drug detection operations and strip searches, as well as the latest laws that further criminalise protest – laws supported by both government and opposition. Recent action > HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Read lawyer Samantha Lee’s assessment of the incident and police action > HERE.

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