Production of Documents

Production of Documents

(OppositionĀ Motion, 3 August 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Details of motion > HERE.

By leave: I speak on the proposed Opposition motion, which crossbench members received just moments ago. I acknowledge at the outset that I provided the template which the Opposition has used for this call for papers. I appreciate that. But I would say this: This matter is different to the matters raised in the call for papers I did. One of the key differences is that we know that the matter raised in the Opposition's call for papers has already been referred to the ICAC.

Even if inspection of the documents is limited to members, it is important that we in no way compromise evidence, that we are not given the opportunity to compromise evidence and that the ICAC has the ability to be able to look through the evidence without political interference. We know of many examples in this place where there have been parliamentary inquiries established for political reasons which potentially risk interfering with the work of the ICAC. That all said, I am prepared to work with the Opposition, the crossbench and the Government to ensure that an appropriate call for papers in the public interest is made, should that be required. IĀ think we will have plenty of time to do that in the next sitting period.

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