Proposal to Shrink City “Another Desperate Gerrymander”

Proposal to Shrink City “Another Desperate Gerrymander”

21 August 2015

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has slammed proposals by City of Sydney Councillor Christine Forster to shrink the City of Sydney to the CBD, labelling it “another desperate gerrymander”.

Mr Greenwich said:
“Great global cities are residential, business, tourist and entertainment hubs we need our CBD to be run by a council that meshes needs and interests. 
“Extracting the vast majority of residents to other local government areas and governing for so-called only “business needs” could leave the city a characterless concrete jungle”
“It is no surprise the Shooter’s and Fishers are backing this plan, their lack of respect for inner city democracy is well known and was made clear when they legislated to halve residents’ votes in City of Sydney elections”
“Elements of the Liberal Party have clearly been assessing the numbers and after realising the party can’t control Town Hall fairly, they’ve come up with another desperate gerrymander” 
“For the NSW Government to even entertain the idea shows the “Fit for the Future” process is a farce. We’ve repeatedly heard the government say “bigger is better” but it thinks smaller is better  when it gives the party a chance to win”.


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