Pyrmont Public Transport

Pyrmont Public Transport

(Question Without Notice, 14 September 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

My question is directed to the Minister for Transport. How is the Government working to improve public transport options for the Pyrmont community?

Minister for Transport Response: 

I thank the member for Sydney for his question and his interest in public transport services, particularly those servicing the community he represents. Earlier this year I was pleased to join him in meeting the Pyrmont Peninsula Public Transport Forum. Members would think a community so close to our city would be well served by public transport. However, as representatives of the forum have explained, there are gaps in our public transport provision for this part of Sydney. I share the view of both the forum and the member for Sydney that public transport is critical for supporting the residents of Pyrmont and the thousands of people who work on the Pyrmont peninsula.

The forum has raised concerns with me about changes to bus routes and services under the former Government. The changes made to the 389 service on the former Government's watch meant that Pyrmont passengers who commuted to King Street and Elizabeth Street were no longer able to do so. In December 2021 the route was modified to turn right onto York Street and then left onto Druitt and Park streets, no longer operating via Elizabeth Street. The forum has asked that an additional stop be installed to replace the stop that was removed. The 389 passengers also lost the Murray Street stop in Pyrmont. Prior to January 2020, the 389 terminated in front of the Maritime Museum on Murray Street. However, when the museum undertook redevelopment works the driveway where buses previously turned around was blocked. As a result, the 389 was modified to do a turnaround, making a loop via Pyrmont Street; it now terminates in front of The Star on Pirrama Road. Transport for NSW continues to investigate options to resolve these issues. I look forward to informing both the member and Pyrmont residents of progress in that area.

We also know that the forum is keen to make sure that our ferry services better provide for the residents of Pyrmont, particularly the F10 ferry service. We are committed to adding the additional stop that has been requested and is required. Some additional work needs to be done to assess the impacts on the ferry fleet, timetable and wharf infrastructure. We want to make sure it is accessible for everybody. As with all communities across Sydney, the people of Pyrmont deserve public transport that is connected, accessible and reliable. Transport for NSW is currently undertaking work to develop a Pyrmont‑Ultimo transport plan that will deliver for the future transport needs of people living on the Pyrmont peninsula. The plan will be on exhibition in coming months following more detailed conversations with the City of Sydney and other key stakeholders. We will continue to work together to update the Pyrmont Peninsula Public Transport Forum as to the progress.

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