Redress Scheme

Redress Scheme

Thursday 24 May 2018

In Parliament, I supported a government bill to help survivors of institutionalised child sex abuse get redress. Many survivors have serious and far-reaching impacts from their abuse including on their physical and mental health, and on their ability to form positive relationships and gain employment. 

Survivors will be able to apply for up to $150,000 in compensation, counselling and psychological support, and a personal response from the responsible institution. All institutions should opt in to this voluntary scheme to help survivors heal.

During debate I called for inclusion of survivors who are in jail where their childhood experiences contributed to incarceration. I pointed out that while the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Institutionalised Care was hearing more allegations associated with religious institutions than any other institution, some churches were running a campaign against LGBTI people.

I congratulate the many survivors who campaigned hard to get the royal commission and the redress scheme and hope it will help many get their lives back together and make Australia a safer place for children. My speech: HERE

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