Religious Privilege Concerns

Religious Privilege Concerns

The federal government’s redrafted Religious Discrimination Bill will entrench discrimination under the guise of ‘freedom’, giving special privileges to some people and their beliefs. The bill would allow religious organisations to discriminate and deny service in public (and publicly funded) services like jobs, healthcare, education, disability and aged care.

The bill removes protections for those who don’t hold religious views, or those who disagree with some others’ religious views. It overrides all Commonwealth, state and territory anti-discrimination laws, including the Fair Work Act. This divisive and radical policy rolls back existing rights for equal and fair treatment. It threatens anyone whose marital status, sexuality, disability or personal life somehow offends the sensibility of people or institutions that provide vital services. My media statement: HERE

Let your federal MP know you want the law to apply to everyone equally and to prevent discrimination rather than entrench it: HERE

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