Reproductive Health Win

Reproductive Health Win

After months of work developing the bill, a week of late night sittings and hours of debate on numerous amendments, I am pleased the Legislative Assembly convincingly passed the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill with 59 in favour to 31 against. With 15 co-sponsors and a conscience vote, this showed how Parliament can work when MPs work for a common goal.

I supported amendments to the bill that require abortions after 22 weeks to be performed in registered facilities and by at least one specialist, which will not affect clinical practice, and for a statutory NSW Health review into abortions performed based solely on sex selection. While there is no evidence that sex selection abortions are a problem in New South Wales, this was a concern raised by a number of members and it is important that we collect data. My speech in reply: HERE

The Social Issues Committee will hold a short inquiry on the bill before it goes to the Legislative Council for debate and vote. There’s another rally in support of reform next Tuesday 8-9am at Parliament: HERE

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